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Design and installation of plants for soilless crops.


Design and aesthetics

The Grecale20 mixer features a fresh and modern design.

Its structure is meticulously crafted using high-performance and recyclable plastic materials, specifically polyamide.

This choice not only enhances the aesthetics of the mixer, with softer and more contemporary shapes, but also contributes to sustainability through its recyclability.

Noise reduction

Recognizing the importance of a quiet indoor environment, the Grecale20 mixer has been designed with noise reduction in mind. The fan operates silently, ensuring minimal noise disturbance.

The Grecale20 mixer represents a notable step forward in the concept of esterasification and air mixing.

Its modern design, superior performance and ecological approach make it an indispensable component in combination with all hot air heating systems.

By using the new Grecale20 mixer, you embrace sustainability, energy efficiency and a commitment to creating healthier and more comfortable indoor environments.


Effectiveness and efficiency for an optimal environment

An air mixer that offers exceptional efficiency and effectiveness both in air movement and in equalizing temperature and humidity, creating an optimal and enveloping internal environment.

The use of polyamide in the Grecale20 mixer brings numerous advantages.

The fan structure shows exceptional resistance to shock and wear, ensuring performance and durability over time.

The Grecale20 mixer also excels in resistance to humidity, condensation, solvents, organic acids and various fats, making it a versatile solution suitable for different applications.

Furthermore, its flame resistant properties ensure safe operation even in fire-prone environments.

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