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Our pallets are made with aluminum profiles of our own design and with various types of hot-dip galvanized supports.

They are available in versionpreweldedorwith boxes to be assembled and can be equipped withshelves for ebb and flow in polystyrene or in corrugated aluminum sheet or again with shelves in metal mesh or withperforated polystyrene panels and subirrigation cloth.

They can be made in various sizes according to the shelves they are equipped with and in various heights in addition to the standard one of 70 cm.


Containersin aluminum profiles welded to design with rollers and sliding bearings protected from water and dust, all for high safety and durability.

The container extraction and transport systems of the project20 are made and inserted in a lay-out that is the result of know-how and direct experience of our technical staff now twenty years to guarantee the realization of thebest design solutions.


Garden centers and plant and flower outlets can be equipped with exhibitorsproject 20 most suitable for every situation.

Exhibitors made of aluminum profiles to design, but also multi-storey wall or island, or evenaerial channels andtray displays, or special exhibitors designed according to customer needs.

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